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Women's Course

This course of study is designed to enhance your spiritual life, your ministry and your personal development.  We will cover topics directly related to women and hopefully equip you to not only understand your own role but be used of God to minister more effectively to others. 

 It is designed as an off campus diploma which will take between one to two years to complete depending on the pace you set.  You are able to choose courses in any order.

For more information please use our contact page.


  1. Spiritual Formation

  2. Personal Development

  3. Life and Time Management

  4. The Homemaker

  5. The Godly Wife

  6. The Family

  7. Introduction to Women’s Ministries

  8. Women Helping Women

  9. Discipleship

  10. Experiencing God

  11. Bible Women

  12. The Prayer Warrior

Enrollment Form:

Womens Enrollment Form – PDF

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